What does Freedom mean to you? This weekend we will celebrate our Nations Freedom. Something I am grateful to have. But, what does it mean in your world? For me, it has meant different things at different stages in my life. As a teen it was driving my car with the windows down, singing as loud as I could. In college, it was working two jobs and going to class so I could buy the clothes I wanted or save for that trip to Europe. As a young adult I read a book called Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow. While I can not remember the details within the cover of the book, the title was enough. I have been fortunate to have the Freedom to DO WHAT I LOVE in most of my jobs. And, sometimes I just had to love what I was doing in that season.

Faith+Fairly was born out of my love for flowers, retail sales and the people who are my customers. Faith in God keeps me going everyday. Fairly is a family name from Scotland. I am a flower artist. This morning I went to the wholesaler and picked out the freshest flowers. I am cleaning them and prepping them to last as long as possible once they arrive to your door. It takes time and patience. I love having the Freedom to do what I love. Send a little RED, WHITE and BLUE to someone who needs to celebrate their Freedom.🌷

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